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Harnessing the power of nature for a healthier lifestyle since 2007

We, at ZORGANICS® believe that beauty should be revealed, not manufactured.

Beauty and wellness is about individualization. Therefore, we have developed a diverse selection of items offering solutions for all types of beauty needs. We recognize one unifying theme that can apply to all - environmentally conscious, natural products that are also personable.

We care for the planet we live in, as people and animals have evolved from the same foundation. Keeping this in mind, we carefully source the ingredients we use by being conscious of our planet's precious sources.  

ZORGANICS® uses botanical ingredients that are grown organically, locally-sourced, and cruelty-free. We do not use synthetic chemicals, parabens, artificial scents, or color additives. Our natural products are designed to help you embrace health, beauty, and wellness. 

Frida Emalange, Owner of Zorganics

Meet the founder: Frida Emalange

Born in Cameroon and having lived in France, Germany, and the United States, Frida Emalange is an international hair and skincare specialist who is passionate about her work. With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Frida founded ZORGANICS® in 2007 in an effort to cater to all hair and skin types. She is now the proud owner of Zora's Styling Salons and Zorganics Institute of Beauty and Wellness.

In 2001, Frida moved to Bellingham WA, and quickly realized that there was a need for a salon that would cater to all hair and skin types, including ethnic hair. This prompted her to open her first salon.

As her clientele began to grow, she wanted to make sure that the products she sells to her clients would cater to all their needs. That is when she decided to launch ZORGANICS® products; affordable, high-quality products that are as much effective as they are safe. 

Following the science of life with a holistic approach, Frida developed an all natural and organic line of hair, skin, and cosmetic products to promote well-being, balance, and harmony in mind, body and spirit. 

Education comes first

Follow your passion

Image by Adam Winger
  • We offer a comprehensive, holistic education alongside post – graduate counseling to prospective students.

  • We are dedicated to nurturing a strong and determined work ethics and to be passionate about giving back to the community.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Let your Beauty Shine

Image by Noah Buscher
  • We use botanical ingredients that are organically-grown, locally-sourced and cruelty-free.

  • Our products are free of synthetic chemicals, parabens, artificial scents, or color additives.

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